The core functionality of Intervieiwjarvis attempts to solve job-seeker pain-points in following feature steps:
Interview Question and Answers for target company10 questions and answers are generated in each round for each target company
Access to Advance Interview RoundsEach Interview guide is comprised of 6 Interview rounds - which starts from Resume Review Round and proceeds to Case Study round, Technical Skills Assessment, Stakeholder Management and Communication round, HR and Salary negotiation, Final Culture fit round
Access to Follow-up QuestionsInterviews are usually conversational and structured. Each answer is followed-up by another deep-dive question. This feature helps candidate simulate the interview with appropriate follow-up questions.
Async Practice Mode with instant feedbackUsing this feature, you can now record your answer and practice your verbal response multiple times. After you have saved your response, you shall receive critical feedback instantly.
Discovery of most suitable companies for resumeOften candidates develop a myopic understanding of the job market. This feature helps job-seekers discover the job roles suitable for their work experience. This helps candidates finetune their research and outreach.
Company and Role specific resume analysisOnce you selected a target company, this feature allows candidates to understand the strength and weakness of their candidature - which can be used to refactor their resume before applying at the target company.
Email Networking with PeersLearning and interview prep is a daunting process but it does not have to be lonely. You can use this feature to network with folks in the industry. Simply, give permission to connect. Email IDs are exchanged when 2 people seek connection permission.

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